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Pain Management

Minimising Pain

People living with dementia can experience pain but may not be able to effectively communicate what they are feeling or where the pain is. 

Non-Verbal Signs of Pain

Changes in behaviour can be an indication of untreated pain, but is often misinterpreted.  It is important that carers are aware of the non-verbal signs of pain so appropriate treatment can be implemented to manage the pain experienced by the person living with dementia.

Treating Pain

There are several treatment options for pain including medications and non-drug therapies.  Non-drug therapies include: 

  • Massage
  • Heat or cold packs
  • Gentle exercise and stretching
  • Physiotherapy
  • Relaxation
  • Positioning

How We Manage Pain

Memory Nurture can provide therapeutic massage to assist with pain relief and relaxation.  Our team includes trained massage therapists who have expertise in techniques specifically developed for elderly and frail people. 

Physiotherapy and exercise can also assist with pain management. Memory Nurture physiotherapists can visit you or your loved one in your home to develop a program to help with pain management.

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