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Enhancing the quality of life of adults experiencing Memory Loss and Dementia

Enhancing the quality of life of adults experiencing Memory Loss and Dementia

Memory Nurture Services

Memory Nurture offers a range of services in the home, supported accommodation and aged care facilities for people with dementia/memory loss and support to their families.  This includes assessment of needs and the development of activities and interventions that promote social, cognitive, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. We can help the person with dementia and their families to manage cognitive losses (at any stage), associated behaviours and frustrations, and changes in lifestyle skills. Using a person-centered approach, we work with the client and their families to meet their goals. We are NDIS registered and provide NDIS Functional Capacity assessments as well as ongoing Therapy programmes as required.


  • Our OT’s are trained to use a range of cognitive assessments including the Hierarchic Dementia Scale-Revised, which identifies a person’s abilities and deficits across 20 different areas of cognition.  This enables us to provide targeted interventions and provide advice and recommendations to family carers on how best to support their loved one.


  • Assessing for depression and anxiety and provide strategies to manage these conditions (including mindfulness and other psychological modalities).


  • Providing NDIS assessments including Functional Capacity Assessments, Housing, and Community Access Assessments

Therapy Programs

  • We develop an activity program based on a persons’ cognitive and communication strengths, personality traits, communication style, interests, and hobbies. Our staff have a wide variety of experience including providing music, art, horticulture, and aromatherapy.  We can support participation in physical activities such as bowls, bocce, yoga, even sailing.


  • The Ashby Memory Method [AMM], a specific dementia intervention activity program. 


  • The Care of People with Dementia in their Environments (COPE) program is for people with dementia and their families


  • Sensory Modulation – research shows that sensory based activities are very beneficial for people living with dementia.  These activities can help reduce agitation, anxiety and other behaviours that may occur.


  • Exercise through activities as well as general fitness and falls prevention programs.


  • To enable access to activities of choice through specific assistance which may include the use of wheelchairs and other adaptive technology

Equipment and Assistive Technology to Support You

Our OT’s can provide assessment, technology advice, assist with trialling equipment and assistive technology, and adaptations to aid independence and quality of life. For example, technology to alert you if your loved one leaves home or GPS tracking devices that can instantly locate your loved one. Talking clocks and watches as well as many other memory aids may be helpful.

How are we funded?

Our services are funded by most health care funds, some Medicare rebates may apply, and NDIS for people under 65, as well as DVA services for eligible card holders.