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Calming and Relaxing with AromatherapyAt times people with dementia can experience anxiety, agitation or sleep disturbances and pain.  Aromatherapy and massage can help relieve some of these symptoms.Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that have been used for centuries to address these and other conditions. Modern aromatherapy typically uses essential oils blended with massage creams or dispersed into the air with vaporizer.  Aromatherapy is often combined with massage to create a pleasant and relaxing experience for people living with dementia.  Our therapists use a special massage technique, that was specifically developed for elderly and frail people. It can be done on the hands, feet, or the whole body. It is very gentle and a wonderful way for someone to experience the soothing effects of essential oils.Our qualified aromatherapist can provide single or regular treatments in your home and provide advice on the purchase of suitable aromatherapy products.
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