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Art therapy

The Benefits of Art

You do not need to be a talented artist and in fact, there is growing evidence that all humans can be creative.  In addition, there has been much research into the benefits of art for people living with dementia.   

When we refer to Art as an intervention, this is not only creating art but also appreciating and engaging with art

How Art Helps with Self-Expression

Research is showing that people living with dementia retain the ability to be creative.  Art provides a means of self-expression, especially when the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings is impaired.  It stimulates the brain, triggering memories and assisting with communication.  

Art boosts self-esteem through the satisfaction of creating something unique which can be shared with others.  Creating something that is long lasting offers the opportunity to regain those memories and feelings.  Engaging in art therapy will assist with quality of life and our trained staff can work with you or your loved one to develop a suitable program.

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