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Are you caring for someone with Dementia?

Our team of healthcare professionals supports people of all ages living with Dementia and Memory Loss, to enjoy fulfilling, meaningful and connected lives.  We provide support to families to help them care for their loved ones.

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Who We Are

Wherever you are in the world, Memory Nurture understands the unique needs you have when caring for a loved one living with Dementia, Cognitive Impairment or Memory Loss. Our team of Qualified Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Therapy Assistants and Support Workers have the expertise to help you and your family find the right support, care and programs you need to provide a therapeutic and caring environment for your loved one.

Memory Nurture Staff follow the Health Dept Directives and undertake RAT tests regularly to ensure our clients Health and Well-being. For more information on how we are responding to COVID, please Contact us.

NDIS Funding Available

NDIS provider for therapeutic supports, Functional Capacity Assessment and Housing Assessments, equipment and support workers either plan managed or self-managed

Consistent Care

We aim to build relationships with you and your loved ones, linking you to a consistent support team.

Compassionate Team

We empathise, understand, and genuinely care for our clients.

Creativity and Communication

We find creative ways to communicate and use art and music to enrich your life

How We Help

For Health Professionals


Family Support

Memory Nurture Services

Telehealth Service

Telehealth or videoconferencing enables us to provide services to you whether you live in Perth or regional and remote areas of Australia. It also allows us to continue services during pandemic lockdowns.

Cognitive Stimulation

Keeping your mind active is an important part of managing symptoms of memory loss and dementia. Memory Nurture Occupational Therapists use a variety of interventions to help you with cognitive stimulation. To find out more, follow the links below

Physical Well-being

Maintaining physical health is an important aspect of well-being. This can include specific exercise programs, falls prevention and pain management. Follow the links below to find out more.

Creative Arts Services

At Memory Nurture we believe that the creative arts have a special place in dementia care. We use art therapy and music to support the well-being of people living with dementia. Our Meet a Musician is a unique program for connecting musicians and people living with dementia.

Mental Health Well-being

Our well-being services include the provision of mindfulness sessions which can help you manage symptoms such as anxiety. To find out more, follow the link below.

Family Support Services

If you are caring for a loved one living with dementia or memory loss, we can provide support to you too. We provide a variety of services and programs which can help you to maintain your own well-being and that of your loved one. Follow the links to find out more.

Who works with us?


Community Care Organisations

We have brokerage agreements with many organisations including:

Families & Individuals

Advocate Groups

Mental Health Services

Health Professionals

How are we funded?

Our services are funded by most health care funds, some Medicare rebates may apply, and NDIS for people under 65, as well as DVA services for eligible card holders.

If you need advice or help with understanding the funding support available to you, then talk to a team member on  0402 943 053  or send us an email using the button below.

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