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The Mind Body Connection

Both body and mind are generally affected in people with Dementia. People may experience feelings of frustration at losing independence, low mood, anxiety, or anger due to the physical changes.  Our trained staff, can help you cope with these feelings and find new ways to manage the changes that are occurring.New and evidence-based strategies are needed to support the well-being of both family members and the person living with dementia. Mindfulness training is a body-mind intervention that has shown to improve psychological well-being in a variety of mental health conditions.  To practice Mindfulness is to bring yourself into the present moment. It is to focus on breathing and bringing your mind back in connection with your body and your surroundings.

Research has shown promising results for mindfulness-based interventions to benefit people with dementia and caregivers. Recent studies report significant findings and trends including –

  • a reduction in cognitive decline
  • reduction in perceived stress
  • increase in quality of life
  • positive changes to brain structure
  • increase in relaxation, awareness, acceptance, and resilience

In dementia, mindfulness can help the individual to reduce worry about being forgetful or confused.

  • It helps focus on what they can do now and on breathing as a relaxation technique and a distraction. 
  • It helps people to feel less overwhelmed by all that is happening around them and can help them to cope when feeling anxious or worried. 

For family members Mindfulness practice can help you develop inner calm helping you to cope more effectively, strengthening your resilience and often then responding more wisely to the ups and downs of caring for your loved one. 

Through Memory Nurture, mindfulness is applied in a dementia friendly way, meaning the approach is adapted to how you or your loved one is in that moment. Our mindfulness trained OT can help you or your loved one to learn and practice this technique either individually or within a small group.

Help for Carers

Perhaps you need someone to talk to about the difficulties you are facing and help you problem solve strategies. These services are available for both the person living with dementia and their families and includes the COPE program. We can also refer you or your loved one to appropriate services if needed. Please contact us if you would like more information.
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