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Telehealth Services

At Memory Nurture we provide services in several different ways.

At Memory Nurture we are committed to delivering our services in diverse and adaptable ways, ensuring accessibility to everyone who needs them. Our Telehealth offerings, including Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy, provide a seamless solution to bridge the geographical gaps, making our support accessible to individuals and care partners in need, regardless of location. 

About Telehealth

Telehealth is the use of telecommunications to deliver health care over distance by linking the health professional, client, carer and/or family, for the purpose of assessment, intervention, and consultation. It may involve a variety of methods including telephone, email, and videoconferencing. Telehealth or videoconferencing enables Memory Nurture to provide services to you whether you live in Perth or regional and remote areas of Australia.  It also allows us to continue services during pandemic lockdowns. Assessment, support, and interventions are delivered via telephone, videoconferencing, and email, all from the comfort and safety of your home.  


Using Telehealth 


Step 1 – Set-Up Requirements 


All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone, access to a suitable internet connection, and a quiet space to talk.  


Step 2 - Accessing the Platform  


We employ the user-friendly TEAMS platform, ensuring secure and reliable Telehealth sessions. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, we can guide you through every step. 


Step 3 - Scheduling 


Our process begins with an initial telephone call to discuss your needs and a follow-up phone call to book a suitable appointment time with one of our therapists. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the virtual meeting. If you have any photos or supporting evidence you would like to share with the therapist prior to the appointment, please email them through to  


Step 4 – Engaging in the Session 


Click the provided link at the appointed time to enter the virtual session. One of our therapists will be there to warmly welcome you and assist with any technical queries you may have. The session itself will be a collaborative journey, tailored to your needs.   


Step 5 – Follow-up and Feedback 


Post-session, you will receive an email prompting you to provide feedback on your experience through our online survey. Your input will be very helpful to enhance our services and cater to your needs more effectively. 


Our online comprehensive NDIS Telehealth Service consists of OT, Music Therapy interventions and Assessment service.

 You can choose any of the following options: 


  Assessment services


  • OT – Functional Capacity Assessment Report 
  • OT – Plan Review Assessment Report 
  • OT – Funding Access Assessment Report 
  • Music Therapy – Music Therapy Assessment Report 
  • Music Therapy – Plan Review Assessment Report  


  Therapeutic interventions : 


  • COPE (Care of People with Dementia in their Environment) Program: Is a comprehensive therapy program delivered across 12-15 sessions that equips care partners with the tools and knowledge to provide compassionate care to those experiencing dementia. Through personalised guidance, educational resources, and tailored therapy support, the COPE program aims to foster a nurturing environment where individuals with dementia can thrive. 

  • OT Cognitive Rehabilitation Program : Is a comprehensive individual or group therapy program delivered twice a week for 16 weeks (or as otherwise arranged). Embark on various cognitive stimulation approaches, including life story development, reminiscence, life review, reality orientation tasks, and memory strategies. Collaborate with us to select activities focused on your strengths and that promote creative expression and engage in conversations that delve into memories, emotions, and sensory experiences. Our active listening and validation approach aims to strengthen connections between memories and emotions. We can also offer recommendations for memory-boosting apps, and reading and writing exercises that contribute to your overall well-being, fostering cognitive health and emotional enrichment. We recommend social and community connections around your goals and needs.

  • OT Life Story Memoires Sessions: Can be held individually or in a group setting. A digital life story will be created to assist with long term memory stimulation and a hard copy book can be requested.

  • OT Well-Being Program: Discover mindfulness-based techniques, meditation, grounding exercises, stress reduction methods, and practices in gratitude. Engage in self-reflection and self-esteem work to cultivate emotional well-being. We can assess and make recommendations for sensory modulation interventions and behaviour activation activities. Through motivational interviewing and coaching we help to re-motivate your engagement in meaningful and strength-based activities and occupations. We work together to examine your time use and establish a balanced routine that supports your overall health and satisfaction through suggested activity scheduling. We assist to grade and adapt activities to enrich your participation in what you want and need to do. Furthermore, we provide environment-related recommendations to help support your re-engagement in activities of daily living. Through our guidance, we can explore opportunities for community activities including possible volunteer work. By strengthening social ties, we nurture a feeling of inclusion and satisfaction. 

  • Music Therapy Life Story Program: These sessions encompass personalised music experiences, reminiscence activities, and creative expression, all carefully designed to enhance cognitive stimulation and emotional well-being. The therapy will commence with an exploration of your personal experiences to understand your relationship with music. Live music performance of selected songs will encourage you to share memories and emotions linked to them, promoting a feeling of emotional and social connectedness. A playlist representing your life’s chapters will be curated. Through Telehealth, the power of music becomes a bridge to improve your quality of life, enabling you to connect, express, and find more enjoyment in everyday life.