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Music Nurture

Music can be an effective treatment for individuals with dementia. It can improve communication, reduce anxiety, improve cognitive function, and can help to provide a sense of connection for individuals with dementia and their loved ones. If you or a loved one is living with dementia, consider exploring the option of Music Therapy to improve quality of life. 

Music Unlocks Memories

We all know that sometimes when we hear a song, it recalls an event or time in our life.  It is no different for the person living with dementia.  Music can make us smile, laugh, cry and dance and for many is part of their daily life, whether it is listening, singing, or playing an instrument. 

Why music helps 

The benefits of music can be felt by us all. Music is fundamental to the experience of being human. These benefits have been well researched and documented over many years.  

Music can; 

1) Activate areas of the brain related to emotions, memory, and communication. 

2) Help to get us moving. 

3) Help to produce hormones that are good for our well-being. 

4) Help us to communicate feelings or topics that are difficult to talk about. 

If you would like to know more about the research on music and the benefits to our health and mind, click here

Music Nurture is a service offered by Memory Nurture where you can access sessions with an experienced Music Therapist or one of our skilled Therapy Assistants who are trained under the guidance of the Music Therapist. Our team is committed to creating a positive and supportive environment for our clients. Therapy Sessions can occur either face-to-face or virtually in either an individual or group setting. Our Music Nurture Program may be funded through NDIS and Home Care Package funding.

If you are interested in learning more about our Music Therapy services or to schedule an appointment, please CONTACT US to discuss your needs.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”¬† Hans Christian Andersen