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About Memory Nurture

At Memory Nurture we understand the experience of living with dementia. This understanding comes from our personal experiences, health professional backgrounds and years of experience working in dementia care. All our facilitators are chosen for their warm and nurturing personalities and their desire to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia and their families. They have great empathy for people with dementia. We value the age old saying of “laughter is the best medicine” so we aim to include a sense of fun as well as contentment in our sessions.

Our Vision: To assist people living with dementia to lead fulfilling and enriched lives.

Our Mission Statement: To deliver innovative integrated, and holistic services to people living with dementia and to provide support to their families.

Our Values:

  • Compassion: We Care for you
  • People-centred: We want to know you and what is important to you
  • Integrity: We Respect you
  • Creativity: We think outside the box, being creative and having fun is part of our nature.

We believe everyone should be treated equally regardless, of race, colour, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our operations or activities. We have an Anti-Discrimination Policy which covers employment, provision of services and other activities. We believe everyone is unique, are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, organizations we supply services to and any subcontractors.

The Importance of Stimulation

Staying mentally stimulated and involved in activities that you have enjoyed in your life can help you or your family member feel uplifted. It can promote positive connections to those dear to you. We want to help reconnect you to activities that you enjoy and value in life.

Our Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Therapy Assistants have many years of experience in dementia care and/or rehabilitation. Many of our team have specialised areas of expertise such as creative expression. Our Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistants, and Carers are all trained in the use of the Ashby Memory Method as well as other memory stimulation techniques and the COPE programme. We believe that the quality of life is improved through early intervention.

How we are unique

We are a dementia specific service and currently one of the few private companies certified to deliver The Ashby Memory Method and COPE programme in Western Australia.

We offer well-being and family support from our Health Professional staff. Some mental health programs can be funded through Medicare.

We have developed a creative arts program that includes Music Nurture, Meet a Musician and Art Therapy sessions.

We can also offer Multicultural support with some cultures and languages such as Mandarin. We also have British, Scottish and Croatian Facilitators. Please ask us if you are interested in multicultural support

Whether you are under the NDIS or have an aged care package and are moving into residential care, we are happy to assist you through this transition

We have an online shop which offers products specific to dementia care and supporting you to live independently

Our team

Our team includes a range of experienced professionals from administration through to therapy and clinical staff. We know how important it is for you and your loved one to feel comfortable with the Memory Nurture visitor. We keep in regular contact to make sure all is going well and adjust as your needs change. Rest assured all our staff have the relevant Police and NDIS checks.

Occupational Therapists can help you to manage symptoms, identify ways to assist with memory loss, provide support with managing mental health issues (e.g., stress, depression, anxiety), identify equipment that can assist with day-to-day activities and develop appropriate recreational activity programs.  We complete a thorough assessment that covers all areas of cognition and occupation (basically anything you do during your day).  This helps us to identify you or loved one’s strengths and the areas where some extra assistance might be needed.  From there we can develop a program that helps you to live life your way and identify suitable support services.

A physiotherapist uses their knowledge of the body and movement to help people maintain their mobility, strength and reduce falls risk.  They will conduct a thorough assessment of your physical needs and develop an exercise program to help you or your loved one to maintain physical skills.  This contributes to overall well-being and quality of life.

How Memory Nurture Came to Be

The Director, Faye Donnan, an Occupational Therapist, was inspired by many factors, including the strengths of people with dementia and their carers. She was impressed by people she met in the care industry who chose to use their many talents to assist people with dementia and their families have the best possible journey.

In addition, people such Kate Swaffer are inspirational. Kate is co-founder of the Dementia Alliance International and lives with dementia. Other sources of inspiration included people in different organizations who are helping change the approaches and paradigms of dementia and memory loss. 

Kate Swaffer, Dementia Alliance International

The Director was influenced by a family member with memory loss who benefited from one-to-one support. She saw a need and with her family history of involvement in the medical field and a tradition of being involved with starting major companies and innovations –  one company which exists today and which is well known worldwide – she was motivated to launch a business focused on meeting the needs of people living with dementia.

The first step was connecting with John Ashby to deliver the Ashby Memory Method in Western Australia. She reached out to other like-minded people, OTs, PT’s and RNs as well as Therapy Assistants to deliver a model of memory stimulation, activities and well-being support to people with dementia, their carers and family members. The business has continued to grow and develop into the unique service it is today. The Director remains involved in Memory Nurture as a consultant

“The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.”  
Alan K Chalmers

Work with Us

If you think you have a special understanding, have a feeling of warmth and compassion towards people with dementia and their families, then we are happy to hear from you to discuss developing a career with Memory Nurture. We appreciate a sense of humour and an open mind as this is particularly important with dementia. You may have a qualification in health care such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy or Nursing, be qualified as a carer or as an Occupational Therapy or Physio -Therapy assistant. A keen interest in cognitive rehabilitation techniques and activities as well as massage and pain management are also valued.

If you have these skills along with a desire and ability to care for and understand a person with dementia, in addition you are happy to develop a close rapport and friendship with your client as a Memory Nurture Facilitator then we would love to hear from you. Having a nurturing heart is central to the Memory Nurture vision of care for dementia. We have a strong focus on professional development and peer support. If you also consider yourself to be responsible, honest and are an independent worker then this would be the job for you. Most positions are part time at this stage. To discuss the opportunities available to you, please contact us at: or phone us on: 08 9593 8305

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