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COPE Program

COPE program – Care Of People With Dementia In Their Environments

The Care of People With Dementia In Their Environments (COPE) program is for people with dementia and their families. Having a diagnosis of dementia impacts on one’s ability to manage everyday activities.  This program identifies strengths and challenges that the person is experiencing and involves working collaboratively (with an occupational therapist) to help both the person with dementia remain active and independent and the family to support the person with dementia to live at home.

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What does the program include?

  • Comprehensive assessment identifying capabilities and challenges
  • Support for family wellbeing including stress management techniques
  • Activities and strategies for the person with dementia to promote independence and overcome challenges
  • Carer education about dementia and the person’s capabilities (what they can still do), carer training in communication techniques, managing changed behaviours, simplification of tasks, modification of the home environment and screening for underlying medical conditions that may be worsening the person’s symptoms.
  • The program is delivered by specially trained staff and includes 10 sessions with an Occupational Therapist.
  • Participants will receive personalised resources to assist them in providing support.

COPE is an approach to supporting people with dementia at home

COPE is an evidence-based dementia program that has been successfully delivered in a large trial in the US and is now being rolled out across Australia. It is a reablement based model that focusses on maintaining or improving a person’s function and quality of life. It is a program which focuses equally on supporting the family just as much as the person with dementia. The program aligns with recommendations in the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dementia (endorsed by NHMRC).

To Access the COPE Program

The COPE program can be funded through: Home Care Package, NDIS, Private Health Insurance. For further details about COPE contact us on 08 9593 8305

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