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Meet a Musician Friendship programme 

We at Memory Nurture aim to assist people living with dementia to lead fulfilling and enriched lives. This includes being at the forefront for delivering innovative, integrated, and holistic services to people with dementia and to provide support to their families.

Meet a Musician Friendship Program aims to bring together musical artists, people living with dementia, and their caregivers to foster friendship through a shared love of music.

We believe that music can positively impact the lives of people experiencing dementia; Research suggests that listening to music or singing songs can provide emotional and behavioural benefits to people experiencing dementia. Music is a unique and powerful way to reaffirm personal identity and feelings of social connection.

Music can also benefit caregivers by providing a way for someone to connect with their loved one, especially those who have difficulty communicating.

Our musical artists are highly talented in what they do often having either personal or professional experience working in a therapeutic setting. Each artist has a verified police check & undertakes Memory Nurture music and dementia therapy training prior to becoming what we call a Music Friend.

Our musical artists support you to engage in music in a variety of ways, including assisting you to…

    • Explore your musical interests
    • Share musical memories; this may include exploring current musical interests/reminiscing on past musical experiences/discussing meaning attached to particular music
    • Sing songs together
    • Listen to live or recorded music together
    • Look up music songs
    • Writ song lyrics together
    • Compile music playlists
    • Play instruments together
    • Engage in music improvisation
    • Review musical resources together
    • Use music to relax
    • Create musical art together
    • Move to music together in ways such as tapping, clapping, nodding or dancing
    • Explore musical history & interesting facts
    • Connect with others to play group music

If you are experiencing memory loss and want to experience the benefits of music, let us connect you with a kind and caring musical artist via a video sharing platform called Zoom. An in-person home visit from a musical artist can be organised at special request. To book an artist consult, scroll down to the booking process located at the bottom of this website page.

See below personal bios of our wonderful musical artists for more information.

Please note that not all Musicians in this programme are eligible for payment through NDIS or Home Care Package funding.  If you would like to use your funding to access a music session, please contact us and we will assist you with your booking through our Music Nurture Programme.  Alternatively, you are welcome to book the Musician of your choice and pay privately.

If you are a musical artist and wish to apply to join the Meet a Musician Friendship Program or you are a potential customer wishing to find out more information or require assistance with booking, please Contact us to register your interest.

Meet a Musician


My background
Hi! I am a singer and guitar player from Perth, Western Australia. I have always been passionate about my work and music. I am a firm believer that connecting with music throughout your day is extremely therapeutic.Since 1993, I worked regularly as a professional singer in a variety of Perth cover bands, performing songs across many eras and genres, such as blues, country/blues, folk, rock, heavy and alternative rock, soul, funk, and jazz.I retired from singing professionally in 2015, although I am still singing in a band with family and friends, writing our own songs!I work as a Therapy Assistant and love my work. It is such a privilege to assist people with memory loss and dementia to enhance their quality of life
Music I love sharing
I love sharing my passion of music with people! Whether it be singing your favourite songs together, going to see live music, sharing music memories, writing your own songs, or putting together your favourite songs on a playlist, to be enjoyed at any time you like.I love singing but also really enjoy playing the guitar, I am always trying to learn new songs and experimenting with percussive and sound therapy instruments as well.
I also like
finding out fun facts about the history of songs and why they were written, discovering new music through meeting new people and social media fan page groups.I really love finding out what music you like and why it is important to you!


My background

Hi! I am a singer and guitar player living in Perth, Western Australia. I am a qualified sound engineer who enjoys singing and creating music. I have worked as a busker and singing in live venues as a solo artist. I am a qualified Therapy Assistant working with people living with dementia.

Music Forms I Like to Share

I love creating new music and songs; taking a favourite topic and producing a song in the moment for you. I play the guitar, Cajon drum and the didgeridoo. I have a repertoire of songs spanning several different genre’s including folk, classic rock (1960’s and 70’s), current songs and worship music. I enjoy original soft melodic picking, either fast or slow styled ambient music which I can tailor to your preferences.

I Also Like…

I really enjoy freestyling where I make up lyrics as I go, creating new songs. I like to establish a connection and understand what the song means to you then I can create music personally for you.


My background
Hello, I am Rebecca, an Occupational Therapist (OT) and professional musician. I have worked in the aged care and disability sector for over 20-years as a therapy support worker and qualified care worker. I have over 20-years’ experience as a professional musician; I enjoy writing music and performing it live, either as a solo performer or in bands. I have toured nationally, released work locally/internationally and have played alongside many local and international touring acts at various music festivals across Perth. I have taught myself to electronically produce original music in pop, drum and base, soul and bass and electro disco bands (The Resonance, Brash and Sassy). My work was nominated for two WAMi awards and a WA Screen Award. I have a passion for 70’s and 80’s music; I especially love to sing ‘yacht rock’ and other rock covers from that era. I have an eclectic taste and enjoy music from Dolly Parton to Hall and Oates, The Fureys, Cold Chisel and even Ella Fitzgerald.
Music Forms I Like To Share
  • My aim is to facilitate joy and meaning for you by joining you in playing and singing the music you love.
  • We can talk about different memories and feelings that the songs invoke for you; explore interesting facts about the artists; sing-along together, or I can play my guitar and/or backing track and you can sing along.
  • If you play an instrument, bring it to the session! Let’s have a jam.
  • We can write songs together or improvise
  • Or if you just feel like listening, moving to the music, playing a shaker or a tambourine, go for it.
  • I am happy to follow your lead and try anything.
I also Like
I have been fascinated and delighted to see first-hand the effect that music can have in reducing anxiety and depression in people. I have witnessed people with advanced Alzheimer’s Disease become relaxed, smile, laugh, sing-along to lyrics and keep rhythm and timing. Music inspires movement and dance in people that are otherwise sedentary.

Booking Instructions

We will be launching an online booking system soon.  In the meantime, please complete this form if you would like to book a musician.  Memory Nurture will be expanding our team of musicians including classical and jazz artists so watch this space!

Booking Instructions
  1. Choose your preferred musical artist by clicking on the box and selecting their name
  2. Select your preferred day and time, then click the “Next” button
  3. This will then take you to a calendar showing the artist’s availability, choose your preferred time and day then click next
  4. You will then be prompted to provide your details, click next
  5. This will take you to the payment section, fill in the details and click next



“Music is a world within itself, it is a language WE ALL understand.”
Stevie Wonder

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